Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is a Public Adjuster?

A) A Public Adjuster is a property claims professional licensed by the state's Insurance Department representing business owners and home owners in their property insurance claims.

Q. What services does Summit Public Adjusters provide?

A) Summit will provide the following services:* A representative will meet with you and inspect your damages. * Advise you of your insurance options.

* Contact the insurance company and report the claim. * Set appointment to meet the insurance company's adjuster.

* Generate a extensive building repair estimate. * Protect your personal property interests.

* Represent you during the insurance companies home inspection. * Negotiate a settlement to cover all repair expenses.

* Advocate for a fair and prompt settlement. * File proper paper work with the insurance company.

* Submit proof of loss to expedite check issuance. * Make final disbursements to the insured.

Q. What costs are involved?

A) There are no out of pocket expenses to you. Summit Public Adjusters work on a contingency fee based on the settled amount. The fee is a percentage of the settlement determined by the type and size of the claim. The cost of not using Summit Public Adjusters can never be recuperated.

Q. How can Summit Public Adjusters help?

A) Summit Public Adjusters are insurance policy experts trained to maximize settlements from your insurance carrier by ensuring payment according to the policy's terms and conditions. We handle every aspect of the insurance claim process, so you can continue with your daily activities.

Q. How much time do I have to submit a claim?

A) You have up to one year to submit a claim from the date the loss occurred.

Q. What does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

A) Homeowners insurance provides coverage for almost any imaginable damage to the home. It is always in your best interest to be represented by a licensed claims professional such as Summit Public Adjusters in the unfortunate event of damage to your home or business.

Q. Is damage to my home or business covered by my insurance company?

A) Yes. Homeowners insurance provides coverage for direct physical damage caused to your home. As with any insurance claim it is best to be represented by a claims professional such as Summit Public Adjusters who works for you not the insurance company. You are always in control.

Q. Shouldn't I use the nice adjuster the insurance company will send out?

A) No! Never! The insurance company's adjuster is a highly trained professional whose goal is to keep company expenses down, potentially reducing your claim. He is hired, trained and paid by the insurance company. In contrast, you hire Summit Public Adjusters to protect your interests.

Q. What to do when disaster strikes?

A) First and foremost, make sure everyone is safe. Next, take the necessary steps to minimize the loss including making temporary repairs. You may need to hire roofers, plumbers or water and smoke clean up services. Next, call Summit Public Adjusters who will take over the process ensuring a prompt, fair settlement. Summit Public Adjusters can contact professional services for you and arrange for the bills to be taken care of when the insurance check arrives.

Q. Is damage to my home or business caused by wind and/or storms covered by my insurance company?

A) Yes. Homeowners insurance provides coverage for 99% of direct physical damage caused to your home.

Q. If a homeowner is not happy with the insurance company's offer can a public adjuster help?

A) Yes! Don't hesitate calling Summit Public Adjusters when you are not happy with the way your insurance company is handling your claim. Also, if you feel you've been denied or short changed on a prior claim chances are we can HELP. You have up to a year to report the damage or reopen a claim. Never accept their offer as final.

Q. How long does the claim process take?

A) The claim process can last from four to eight weeks depending on the insurance company you have, the company adjuster assigned to the claim and the size of the loss. The longest part of the settlement process is waiting for the estimate from the insurance company's adjuster. When the insurance draft is issued it will include your name, your mortgage company's name, if applicable, and Summit Public Adjusters. All three must sign the check before final disbursement can be made by Summit Public Adjusters.

Q. What are some losses that may be covered?

A) Covered losses include: . Broken Pipe Roof Leak Tub or Toilet overflow Spilt bleach or paint on carpet Hot water heater breaks Fallen Trees Gas grill melts siding Frozen pipe Plumbers access to broken pipes Car crashes into house Wall collapses Washer overflows Fire Burns & Scorches Kitchen accidents Smoke damage from any source Lightening strikes Burglary, including any damage Shingles blown off roof Ceramic tile broken or cracked Air conditioning unit condensation overflows Missing siding Dented or cracked siding Sprinkler leaks Fallen antennas damaging roof Damage by ice and snow Vandalism

If your not sure or just have a question, Contact Us at Summit Public Adjusters and will be glad to answer any of your questions